Agile and how the UML will fit into it?

The first things that will be noted by someone coming from the previous kind of approach (UML) were:

1)How they can communicate what to do?

2)They don’t have any standard.

3)Uml is an industry standard, why I’ll have to ditch it for using what?

4)What is mixed Agile? Or light Agile?


How they can communicate what to do.

Not all projects are enterprise ones and you can use plenty of other notations, for example I use sequence diagrams, use cases and mock-ups.

But one can say use cases and sequence diagrams are UML, in fact I use them without using a strict UML notation.

Mockups are good to talk with the customers, do you remember the sentence “one image is better than a hundred words”


They don’t have any standard.

True, standard in software development are needed to code, not to describe.

Let’s talk about distributed development team:

1)I found people that are very happy with behavioural descriptions.

2)found people that, Indians in particular, that want to have not only the signature but the name of every class and method.

3)Other guys need a sequence diagram well written that will integrate with their suggestions and ideas.

If you think that there are no standard in software development, you are right, there is only an established one that every company push or pull to fit their needs.

Uml is an industry standard, why I’ll have to ditch it for using what?


Uml was an industry standard in the ’90 until about first years of 2000 (2004 maybe) and not for every company, so use what you like, communication is to “be understood”.

What is mixed Agile? Or light Agile?

Companies nowadays use what Is called “mixed agile”, that is a waterfall method that insists on Agile logics here are the main differences:

1)There is requisites gathering and analysis upfront.

2)the estimate is made with the developers but “guided” by a project manager.

3)Some of the rituals are not followed (daily standup meetings usually are missing).

4)There are often “demo” but the sprint is very loose.

5)Many of the young programmers doesn’t understand “class UML” but sequence or mockups.

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