Change management is the art of improving without destroying

Companies today need (too) often to reorganize for the mutating conditions of the market; having a smooth asset change is the challenge.

The new thing is that also small companies have to change like the big ones.

Somebody may think is a matter of internal resistance, surely internal resistance exists, usually is the lack of vision and communication that destroy the company tissue.

First of all, communicate the vision, top down communication cannot be one way a feedback system is needed.

So what are the steps for a positive and working change:

1)where you want to go, understand the new needs.

2)How you want to go, what I’ve to do.

3)Share, Share, Share: talk with people, take suggestions, stay on the line but don’t break the line.

where you want to go, understand the new needs.

Usually organizations change because they have to be faster or cheaper or to improve products/service quality; you have to choose one, you cannot change to be faster and cheaper at the same time.

In fact, you have to start with one kind of improvement and then add another one.

If your company is Microsoft you cannot became Twitter tomorrow, changes are slow and if not well planned painful and costly.

So first of all, choose for the needs and for the market, look what is good in your company and what is improvable, don’t try to became someone else tomorrow.

How you want to go, what I’ve to do.

Having a place to go is almost important as how to get there.

The place to go must be reachable, I.E: if until today you are using a standard kind of internal communication (email) you cannot think that today you can revolutionize it in a day (instant messaging and introducing collaboration tools), Rome wasn’t built in a day.

The place to go must be measurable, I.E: Use some kind of KPI, maybe the reduction of the bugs or a better number of support ticket closed.

You cannot be fatigued all the days, for a week or a month it can be possible, more than that there is something that is not working.

Share, Share, Share

The harder change to handle is the one that is not understood by the people in the company.

You cannot send a laconic email that say: person A will go to group “development”, person B will go in the “accountants” group, all is effective since today.

At best the people involved will be dazzled, at medium will be confused, at worst will be angry.

In every case a person will not be happy and you know that happiness is the most important thing to have better productivity.

You have to share: ideas, whys, dreams, meanings, targets.

You have to talk: personal objectives, goals of the company, the will to a change.

You have to change your mind, then think, then change your mind again, you have to sieve will and behaviours, then decide.


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